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  • Phillippa Goodwin

Where's the fun?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

  • You are a specialist dental surgeon

  • You place complex dental implants

  • Your clients are private dental clinics

  • Your business and client base is expanding

  • You have multiple new enquiries every week

  • You create all your treatment plans

  • Your practice is GDPR compliant

  • You have all your equipment and supplies on regular orders

  • Your CPD records are up to date

  • Your GDC registration and insurances are in date

However after you've arranged the upcoming clinic dates, carried out an initial consultation, handled all the new enquiries, prepared treatment plans, secured patient notes, chased outstanding invoices, booked the technician you work with, gained consent for surgery and ordered your drape packs there's very little time left for fun, family, fitness regimes and your friends....


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