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Committee Secretaries and Minuting Services 

We can provide skilled and experienced committee secretaries who will always be well organised, will deal promptly with all correspondence, will take accurate notes of meetings and who will work well with your chairperson. 

A truly good secretary for a management committee is key to the efficient functioning of the committee.

We're committed to your experience and customer care.

How we can help

If you find yourself turning your office upside down in order to find the most recent set of minutes and an agenda for the day's meeting then perhaps work with a virtual committee secretary who will bring order to these regular meetings. You won’t be the first port of call for your committee’s endless questions about when the next meeting is or whether it’s on Teams or Zoom. 

On a Video Call

Peace of mind.
All of our virtual assistants and secretaries are ICO registered.

We can help with any and all of the below.
We'll work with you:

to support your chairperson

to ensure your meetings are effectively organised and minuted

to maintain accurate records in a secure place, ensuring that legal requirements are upheld particularly regarding charity law and company law where appropriate

to take care of correspondence 

to become a reference point for the chair and committee members

to plan meetings

to receive agenda items from committee members 

to circulate agendas and reports in good time

to take minutes and circulate approved minutes

to check that agreed actions are carried out

Your information is always secure.

Data protection. Secure document sharing. Nord VPN. Regular performance reviews.

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