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  • Phillippa Goodwin

Rescue Remedy

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Many people in today’s busy world of 'busyness' … anyone running a business of any size ... can sometimes be found

  • working 6 or 7 days a week

  • on duty 8 until late

  • running to catch up

  • fearful of not answering emails quickly enough

  • worried about losing sales

  • knowing they have many calls to return

  • perhaps even losing sleep over all of this all of the time

The outcome here is always stressful as you snatch perhaps valuable family time to check your inbox and return a sneaky call.

How would you feel if all this could be taken care of for you enablIng you to ...

  • focus on strategy

  • focus on growth

  • focus on the future

  • focus on what you love to do

We sell life buoys and peace of mind.

Your personal Essential PA can

  • keep your email inbox clear

  • answer crucial emails on your behalf daily and in a timely manner

  • keep the enquiries moving forward through the sales pipeline

  • set up all the meetings that you need

  • return important phone calls to suppliers and customers

Get a life buoy for your work life here


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