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  • Phillippa Goodwin

Worn out? Not worn down!

My daily mantra for the last 365 days has really been "don't complain".

My children are both young working adults (one in the #nhs) and I have not had the challenges of #homeschoollife, the distraction or the additional domestic duties.

I haven't had to prepare breakfasts, lunch boxes, suppers or snacks and push uniform and PE kit through the wash. Been there and done that.

#essentialpa has been 100% virtual/remote since launch in early 2008. Perhaps the last year has helped to endorse our business model; it is robust, secure and compliant.

We knew about Zoom. The rest of the world caught up with our tried and tested remote working methods.

Almost all of our clients have been able to continue their businesses apart from some clinicians who needed to stop work during April, May and June 2020. We saw a small dip in turnover early on.

We gained new business steadily in the year although two of our clients employed two of our treasured team who were EPA client account managers. I actually see this as a #goodnews story.

My home isn't in the inner city or in a high rise and I have very easy access to gorgeous countryside.

My passion for running has helped me to get through as I generally clock up 100 klms monthly. My trainers need replacing as they're now worn out.

But I feel I've been in a "double lock down" in my already solitary work environment so from this point forward I'll be searching out some "hot desking" environments. And my dog Florrie has to be able to come with me!

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Jules Roberts Your Social PA
Jules Roberts Your Social PA
Mar 23, 2021

Great blog Phillippa, hot desking will be great to get out of the house and my garden beckons as an office!

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