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(Un)glamorous efforts

I didn't start running in 2013 for the glamour of it! There is absolutely none to be found in running unless you're perhaps Sophie Raworth (now selected for the England Over 50's team this year).

I started to run because I realised that if I didn't shift myself more frequently from my desk I'd be dead before I reached 60. I literally asked a PT to teach me to run - that is not as mad as it sounds.

Fast forward many years and I'm hooked, captivated and totally dependent on my running - my running club, my running friends, my running events, my running everything.

I challenge myself monthly to run at least 100km, I enter events purely for the bling and I'm Park Run obsessed.

It may not be glamorous but it's so much more than that. I'm physically fit, rosy-cheeked and I feel full of life.

And whilst running the Resolution Run last Sunday at NT Saltram House managed to raise a tidy sum for the Stroke Association.

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