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I'm guilty of frequently complaining.

Yes me! Since 2008 I've frequently complained about working in solitary confinement in my home office. There have been many, many days when loneliness has almost broken me, when loneliness has nearly made me apply for ANY job other than my own.

But friends, family and multiple VA colleagues have kept me working on and in my business!

Right now I'm thankful and certainly not complaining as I witness clients, colleagues, family, friends, local, national and international businesses all react and adapt rapidly to COVID-19.

There really isn't any one sector that won't feel the effect of this virus.

One new client, a sole trader who was getting busier and busier, had recently outsourced part of some bookkeeping to us. We've recognised that she may now have time to do this task herself so we've suggested she might like to reconsider outsourcing. Outcome? A happy, thankful client and we took the initiative.

One client we've worked with for many, many years has needed to use our support a little more over the last 2 to 3 weeks and we're always grateful for additional work for the EPA team.

  • Swings and roundabouts

  • Ups and downs

  • Hellos and goodbyes

  • More or less

It's always important to be seen to be flexible, supportive, kind, understanding and sympathetic. Now more than ever.

In short, we are thankful that business can continue as usual here at

If all goes quiet I know there are multiple tasks that can be done in order to be ready for the upturn, which will come. Website amends, bookkeeping as we approach year end, reviewing in house systems and how easy it is (or isn't) to do business with us, tidying the office, filing online....endless lists of housekeeping tasks to keep us busy!

Please forgive the blatant gloating about the Bath Half Marathon medal on the iMac - this was completed on Sunday last in the rain.

Sadly, there won't be any more events like this for quite a while for any of us. However, I'm thankful that I could and did decide to take part.

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