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How can a virtual PA add value and be helpful at this challenging time?

Four years ago a digital healthcare company started the search for remote EA support for their Executive Management team.

  • We were highly recommended to the Chief Operating Officer

  • We were thoroughly interviewed by their head of HR

  • We talked through our tailor made service and standards

  • We exchanged privacy policies and terms of business

  • We briefly met the CEO over Zoom

  • We were provided with all the logins we needed - MS Office, Zoom and other essential remote working platforms

  • We set to work and started on a vertical learning curve

We can count on one hand the number of times we've actually spoken with the CEO or the COO in the last 4 years.

Fast forward and we have spent the last few days working flat out to assist with many of our client’s responses to the current crisis.

Perhaps this is you?

  • your EA is on leave or signed off

  • you just need additional support staff short term

  • you need confidential work to be processed

  • your Directors and/or Exec' teams need one off EA support

Our offering is simple - call us, tell us how we might help you, lay down a small deposit and we'll invoice you on an agreed date.   Benefit now, pay later.

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