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  • Phillippa Goodwin

The 06:54 can stick it.

  • You get up almost as soon as you've gone to bed. At least that's what it feels like.

  • You drag yourself into the shower and can't see clearly in the mirror as you run a comb through your hair.

  • You grab the nearest food item just to plug the hungry gap between home and the station.

  • You look longingly at your restoration project which is under the tarp' in the garage.

  • You struggle to get your car into the last remaining space at the far end of the car park which you've paid a small fortune to use.

  • You sling your coat over your head to dodge the rain and your shoes begin to soak up the puddles.

  • Your train is 16 minutes late but you manage to get a seat. The best part? You get to read your classic & vintage car mag' all the way to London.

But you've had enough of this daily, weekly and monthly ritual and now is the time to do something about it.

You've always wanted to open your own bicycle repair studio and now is absolutely the right time. It's now or never.

No more commuting 2 hours each way daily. No more season ticket - shred it.

No more corporate uniform. No more cowtowing. No more grafting to line another's pockets.

Release the big idea from its chains.

Our new biz start up pack provides a domain registration, email addresses, cloud bookkeeping, cloud calendar, cloud document storage and an email marketing solution.

We can help you to get out from under the tarpaulins and doing what you're passionate about.

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