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How to manage over 56 corporate events each year.

You've got multiple clients all over the UK. You want to get them all into a workshop once each quarter/four times a year. You already know the agenda and your topics (because you're a specialist in your sector) for each of your quarterly workshops.

How do you engage with your customers to market your events?

How do you get them to book their seats?

How do you find the right type of venue to work with?

How do you deal with the deposits every venue will undoubtedly want?

How do you manage reservations?

How do you manage the additional venue costs?

How do you manage the risk?

How do you deal with dietary requirements?

How do you manage your own travel?

How do you deal with cancellations and changes?

How do you do this and manage your own workload which is not managing 56 events each year!

Your hourly rate is far too high for this type of operational task.

Simple. You as us.


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