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  • Phillippa Goodwin

Look carefully! How to recruit a vBM.

It's very important to us and 100's of other professional virtual business managers that we continually strive to keep our industry standards high and our reputations soaring. Here are a few things to cross check when you're looking to recruit a vBM, vA, vEA or vPA.

You have already arrived at overwhelm and overload (or as one of our clients puts it COVerload) so before you do anything please think carefully about the role you're looking to fill and note down the jobs you really want to get out of your head and off your desk. These should be tasks you continue to put off, tasks which can be automated, tasks you don't have the skills for and tasks you thoroughly detest.

  1. ABILITY - look for the essential skills that you do not already have "in house". Make sure the assistant you hire brings skills into your business.

  2. TRACK RECORD - look for a proven track record of work. It's vital to find out about your assistant's other clients and to find out exactly what support they provide to other clients.

  3. TIME - does your chosen assistant really have the time available to work for you? If they are already working a 40 hour week and saying yes to every new piece of work, how will your work rise to the top of the priority list?

  4. EQUIPMENT - you shouldn't have to provide any equipment but please make sure they are not working on an old phone on educational software whilst stealing some space in the corner of the bedroom. Our standards are a dedicated office space in our home with desk top and back up laptop. IT gremlins visit everyone.

  5. INSURANCE - what happens if the wrong information falls into the wrong hands? Who will pay for mistakes which someone else makes when working on your behalf? Check the levels of professional and cyber indemnity that are in place.

  6. BUSINESS CONTINUITY & HOLIDAY COVER - when your assistant goes off sick how will your work get done? We know that the most important thing to our clients is the progress of their work. What is going to happen when your assistant heads out for a much needed break? Our standard is to have two assistants on each account.

  7. MONEY - are you paying market value for the service? It's wise to check out other rates offered but beware of heading overseas. Cheapest isn't always best.

  8. BACK UP & SECURITY - in these times it's important to ask about back up and security. Where does your assistant back up their work? What security measures are in place? Are they GDPR registered and do they have a data privacy policy?

  9. WHO ARE THEY - will you be working with a person you can pick up the phone to? Will you be able to build a professional and continuing relationship with this person or will you never be allocated the same assistant from one week to the next?

  10. CUSTOMERS - let's make sure your chosen assistant does have other customers even if their customers are other professional assistants. Ask if you can speak with one of their customers in order to gain a reference.

  11. BONUS TIP - work with us!

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