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  • Phillippa Goodwin

Knowing when to chase the money.

Essential PA has now been established more than 13 years and we're proud of that.

We are particularly proud of our approach to credit control activities for our clients - we need to make sure our customers are paid by their customers.

We raise 100's of sales invoices for our customers in cloud based systems like Xero and QuickBooks.

We reconcile 100's of invoices with payments received but how do we handle the non payers?

  • We set up automatic payment reminders within the accounting software

  • We permit payment by credit card where appropriate or necessary

  • We look at each set of circumstances carefully

  • We review payment histories

  • We call the non payers and encourage settlement

  • We are fair but firm

  • We're not terriers

  • We adjust when it's important to do so

The monies do land and we don't lose customers for anyone through our credit control activities.


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