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Crispy Crackers Keep Your Granny Grinning

Tongue twisting choir practice with the amazing Gareth Malone

The Great British Home Chorus initiative has thrown me a lifesaver during lockdown.

I have to say that I feel very, very comfortable running my business from home - I've been in practice since 2008. I'm happy in my own company. I'm disciplined in my work and office hours. But lockdown has stripped away much of the freedom we all really took for granted.

The GBHC is for amateur (very me) and professional performers all over the globe.

  • Choir practice every evening after work - great way to end each day

  • Song sheets provided via easy download

  • Huge variety of songs to be learned

  • Opportunity to upload your recording to Mr Malone (yikes)

  • No need to be embarrassed because you're singing in your own home

  • You feel like you're having 1:1 tuition from GM

What has this given me?

  • I feel part of a massive musical community

  • It brings a big smile to my face

  • It connects me to a worldwide initiative

  • It makes me feel great

  • It gives me something to look forward to each day

What has this given to my friends and family?

  • They have all, without exception, had a good giggle (with me) at my choir practices!

What has been your lockdown lifesaver?

Have you developed a lockdown initiative to keep connected with your colleagues, your staff, your customers or your suppliers?

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