Marketing is a crucial part of business growth and development

Marketing assistance means putting all your marketing ideas and your strategy for growth into action.  Essential PA can help in a very cost effective way because you really want to sky rocket your business.  As a busy professional you also want to concentrate on growing your business as only you know how.

Essential PA can help to plan your marketing strategy and then put each action into place monthly, quarterly and annually.

Here’s a case study which is ‘live’.

A dental practice in the South West asked Essential PA to provide marketing assistance.  They have identified specific areas for growth over the next few years.  Here’s a summary of our key marketing assistance tasks.

  • main website updates and amends
  • generation of two new micro sites – educational and referral
  • marketing of specialist study clubs
  • promotion of clinical courses
  • planning and implementing coordinated social media
  • design and print of multiple marketing materials
  • generation of databases
  • writing press releases and submitting to the relevant press

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Should you be working as the marketing assistant for your business?

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