Frequently asked questions

We track all time worked on your account each month and we send you a detailed timesheet at each month end.

We detail our time worked by task type. Typically these are labelled – travel, diary management, VAT preparation, invoicing, credit control etc.

If your Essential PA works 2 hours and 43 minutes in one month that’s what you’ll be charged. We don’t round up and we don’t round down time worked.

Yes. We charge a one-hour minimum for each one off project.

We will appoint a dedicated Essential PA and account manager to your account. Your PA will be entirely suited to you and your business.

We always provide a back up Essential PA to cover holidays and any sickness.

Yes. However, if you wanted a task to be completed which was outside your PA’s skill set we would bring the task back to the entire Essential PA team in order to complete the task for you.

Our head office is in Devon. Our team of Essential PA’s are based throughout the UK and also in Australia.

We take several measures. We are registered with the Information Commissioner – Data Protection registration Z1442800. We use external hard drives for data back ups. We use cloud storage for client work, which is accessible by the client and by Essential PA.

Certainly. Retained clients take priority over pay as you go clients. Your fees will become due on the first of each month in advance.

Certainly. You will incur a one-hour minimum fee.

Of course. We offer this to all new enquirers.

If this is an important prerequisite then yes, of course.

We do charge mileage but generally offer an all inclusive hourly rate.

Yes, they are available upon request.

Please contact us if you’d like to know anything more. 07508 184044.

Help is at your fingertips.

Phone: +44 07508 184044